We fund your digital marketing to help you grow

Growth capital that's faster and cheaper than banks, and lets you keep full ownership and control of your company

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We fund based on your business's metrics instead of your personal credit score. You pay us back over time based on an agreed percentage of your future sales.

Keep your equity, you've earned it.

Metcalfe's terms are pretty sweet

Give up equity in your companyNOYESNOYES
Cost of Capital6 - 10%Potentially millions 12-20%$30k + equity
Time to funding1 week6 Months to yearsWeeks/MonthsMonths
Likely to get fundedYESNONOMAYBE
Help from Marketing NetworkYESNONONO
Personal Guarantee/CollateralNONOYESNO
Personal/Business Credit ChecksNOYESYESNO

How it works

1. Sync

We automatically identify your key business metrics when syncing with your digital services you use to run your business- we won't ask for bank statements or credit scores.

2. Receive Offers

Based on your business metrics, we provide you three lump sum offers (think small, medium, large) to spend on marketing to grow your business.

3. Grow your business

You choose an offer and use the money to get new customers and grow your business. If you need help, we find the perfect marketer within our network to help maximize your ROI. We will continue to fund you as you grow.

Here's an Example

The Advance Amount

Let's say, based on our assessment of your business, we decide to advance you $100k to spend on marketing to grow your business

Imagine our fee is 6%, so you will owe us a total of $106k

The Payback Rate

You spend the $100k on marketing to acquire new customers and grow your business

You'll automatically pay us back a percentage of your daily sales (ex: 10%) at the end of every business day

The Payback Period

You pay us each business day until we are paid back a total of $106k (advance amount + fee)

The more sales you make, the faster you pay us off and the less you have remaining to pay us back

Use the money to get new customers and grow your business. If you need help, we'll find the perfect marketer for you to maximize your ROI.

Growth Network = Aligned Incentives

When we fund your digital marketing spend, you're able to get more customers to grow your business.

If you need help from our trusted and vetted marketers in our network, you get expert help and the marketer gets a new client.

Our marketers are incentivized to keep your business growing, so that we continue to fund you, and you continue to be able to remain their client.

The result: aligned incentives between us, marketers, and you, all trying to grow your business.

It's a Win Win Win!

The effect of marketing on your sales

Imagine you make $50k per month in sales, spending 20% ($10k) of it on marketing.

Marketing Spend (Without Metcalfe)$10k$11k$12k$13k$14k$15k$75k
Monthly Sales (Without Metcalfe)$50k$55k$60k$65k$70k$75k$375k

Metcalfe gives you $48k in cash to continue to spend on marketing. You allocate the $48k over 6 months to marketing ($8k per month).

Marketing Budget (With Metcalfe)$10k + $8k = $18k$19k$20k$21k$22k$23k$123k
Monthly Sales (With Metcalfe)$90k$95k$100k$105k$110k$115k$615k
Difference in Sales+80%+72%+67%+62%+57%+53%+64%

It's 2019- it's easier than ever to start a business, but you need to be actively marketing it to actually grow.

We'll give you the capital and the marketing resources to do it.

Built for Growing Businesses

Metcalfe funds your business based on your business metrics instead of your personal credit score. You pay us back over time based on an agreed percentage of your future sales.

Give us a call at (844) 299-1880 (M-F 8AM - 9PM ET) or email us anytime.

A Dream Come True for Marketing Agencies

"If I had the budget, I would" - Sound familiar?

We'll fund your leads marketing budgets without them leaving your site and without taking a cut.

Offering funding services to your clients is like gaining a super power.

"I'm obsessed with this approach! I was about to take a loan offer to fund my ecommerce business but I like this approach much better."

-Matt Sodnicar

Ecommerce store owner, IT professional, and startup podcaster

"Metcalfe's model of funding is attractive and makes a lot of sense. For startups already on the VC path, the fact that the cap table isn't affected is a major value-add."

-Jason Yashinsky

Former CTO and founding-employee at multiple Silicon Valley startups

"This is a very good idea. Introducing growing companies with marketers is a logical plan of action that should help many companies overcome their fear of marketing, prohibiting them from growing."

-Irwin Stein

Writer, speaker, issuer of over $500M in securities

Crowdfunding and securities expert, attorney for 40 years

Activate your growth mindset

Get funded, acquire customers, and grow

Metcalfe + Startups

The growth partner to rule them all

Funding for the 99%

You don't need to be a unicorn to get funded by us. Since we fund based on revenues instead of equity, you can be a horse, donkey, or even a zebra. We don't fund pigmy's though, sorry.

The minimum criteria to be eligible for funding is:
Minimum of six months in business.Minimum of $10,000 in monthly revenues.Your business is based in the United States.

A new investment structure to align incentives properly

Metcalfe's Structuralized Revenue Purchase (SRP) is an agreement where your business sells its future revenues to us without the need for collateral or equity.

Every day, a small fixed percentage of your daily revenues will automatically be withdrawn from your bank account. Somedays you'll pay more and some days less, depending on how many sales you made that day.

The SRP is designed to flow with the natural ups and downs of your business instead of forcing you to make fixed loan payments or be pressured to reach insane equity valuations.

Cap-table friendly

Since our SRP investment structure is not based on equity, Metcalfe is an excellent way to boost your business to reach your next milestone or funding round.

Instead of financing your company internally, utilize our fast and convenient funding process to get the money you need and get back to doing what you do best: being a leader and running your business.

"I'm obsessed with this approach! I was about to take a loan offer to fund my ecommerce business but I like this approach much better."

-Matt Sodnicar

Ecommerce store owner, IT professional, and startup podcaster

"Metcalfe's model of funding is unique and makes a lot of sense. For startups already on the VC path, the fact that the cap table isn't affected is a major value-add."

-Jason Yashinsky

Former CTO and founding-employee at multiple Silicon Valley startups

"This is a very good idea. Introducing growing companies with marketers is a logical plan of action that should help many companies overcome their fear of marketing, prohibiting them from growing."

-Irwin Stein

Writer, speaker, issuer of over $500M in securities

Crowdfunding and securities expert, attorney for 40 years

Expert Growth Marketers at your call

When we fund you, we want to help you spend your money with expert marketers who can help you immediately grow your business. That's why we strategically match you with the perfect marketers in our network who work in your budget range, specialize in your specific marketing needs, and are successful in your industry.

Our network of marketers have worked with hundreds of companies, including Microsoft, twitter, reddit, in addition to e-commerce successes like Chubbies and The Friendly Buttler.

Metcalfe + Agencies

An innovative way to get more customers

Quality leads sent to your agency

By joining our agency network, you'll get leads sent to you that have been pre-qualified for funding and that fit your ideal lead profile.

After you strike a deal with a lead, we will fully qualify them and fund them.

With our pre-qualification, both you and the lead can agree on terms and get to work faster.

Offer funding directly to your own leads and clients

"If only they had the budget".

Now they do.

By pitching our funding services to your clients, you can immediately acquire clients who previously couldn't afford you, making your agency more successful than its ever been.

A suite of tools to get you more customers


Our nifty Announcement anchors itself in the bottom corner of your website on specific pages you set or on all pages. When clicked, it directs the visitor to a URL of your choosing (ex: a "Services" page).

The text and image can be customized, ensuring it matches the theme and tone of your existing site.


Our minimalistic Form can be embedded directly into a page or invoked when a visitor clicks a button or link.

The Form is a simple but effective tool to hook visitors on your site. When a visitor submits a response, you will receive an email notification.

The form can be branded to fit in with your existing site to ensure maximum lead-generation.

Go live in minutes

Embed elements

Copy and paste just a few lines of code on your site to display the announcement and/or form.

Generate leads

Market our financing services to your clients. Drive traffic to your site and capture leads.

Qualify leads using our simple criteria.


Metcalfe doesn't take a cut of any leads you send us. Once their funded, we will send them right back to you.

So, how will you market your new super powers?

Use our services as a great hook to get a conversation startedWork our services into your own pitchIncorporate our services into some of your own marketing efforts or dedicated landing pageIntroduce us as your growth marketing funding partnerConduct a webinar or podcast, and invite us to be part of that webinar where we discuss the realities of growth challenges related to funding, and businesses holding off on doing needed marketing because of a lack of funding

"We get many leads that tell us they want to work with us but can't afford our services. They are either cash-strapped or in-between rounds. This is an awesome way to ensure those deals aren't left on the table."

-Justin Ellery

Startup Advisor and Growth Marketing Expert

"This all makes so much sense. I'm adding Metcalfe to our site and pitch deck. Thank you!"

-BeCurious Co

A full stack, infinitely curious, risk taking, creative design hub

"I'm building my custom landing page with your form on it. I can't wait to offer this service to my clients."

-Chad Holland

I help ☁ SaaS startups w/ demand generation, brand awareness, lead generation, and acquiring new customers at an A+ ROI

Join our growing Agency Network

Our Agency Network is designed to get you more customers: 1) we send you qualified leads and 2) enable you to offer our financing services to your clients with easy lead-generation tools.

Our Story

We're growing businesses in a new way.

Among our core team at Metcalfe, we've either been founders or early stage employees at roughly 10 startups. We've experienced first-hand the challenges of raising capital to grow a business, whether its pitching to investors, securing loans from banks, or running a crowdfunding campaign.

After considering the traditional funding methods we've used in the past, we first asked ourselves who the players were: companies looking to raise capital and investors willing to spend money. Next, we attempted to identify the loopholes: a surplus of companies, a deficit of investors, and most importantly, a lack of dependable structure linking the two together to facilitate a mutually beneficial deal. Why the loopholes? VCs turn down deals because their business model demands high-risk/high-reward equity investments that are only found in Unicorns. Banks turn down loans because they require low-risk investments backed by sufficient collateral. With Crowdfunding, a pool of people pre-order your product or buy your shares and don't know what to expect!

It was clear to us that there was a demand for a new structure, and this is why we created Metcalfe.

Metcalfe's product is the Structuralized Revenue Purchase (SRP), a new investment model designed to fund your online business's growth by aligning the needs of investors with the needs of entrepreneurs looking to grow their business. The SRP is an investment vehicle based on revenue sharing, which helps you grow without requiring you to give up equity, provide personal credit scores, put your house on the line, pay outrageous fees, and most importantly take up your valuable time.

Anything else? We realize that capital alone isn't enough to grow your business. Once you secure it, the next challenge is figuring out how best to spend it. Metcalfe provides you with access to a network of expert growth marketers to ensure your capital is put to work in the most cost effective way to receive maximum return.

Metcalfe is differentiated from traditional funding methods. We are data-driven, efficient, and affordable. Our goal is to give you terms you can't refuse- like a 6% cost of capital. When you get funded by Metcalfe, we want you to feel like the fund's only purpose is to grow your business so that you can focus your energy on what matters most.

Mitch Kessler


Market hound, first-principals thinker, and information-sponge. Started three online business and one brick and mortar retail business that grew to $400k in MRR in first two years.

Jason Yashinsky

Senior Software Engineer

Disciplined, systems-oriented engineer, and owner of a dog named "Cookie". Involved in professional software development life cycle process since 1993. Involved in Internet startups since 1999. Early employee at multiple startups, one of which held an IPO.

Nick Sawinyh

Technical Marketer

Skilled researcher, bootstrapper, and side-project aficionado. Over 12 years of experience working in digital marketing and product management.

Seth Hammac

Sounding board: Agencies and Platform

Deal closer, industry expertise, and startup strategy professional. Senior Account Executive and former Head of Platforms Pre-Sales at Google.

Matt Kritzer

Sounding board: Growth marketing/Ecommerce

Executive level growth marketer building the DTC brands of the future. Ex-Tommy John. Blogger at grrowth.com

Others we'd like to thank for their time, generosity, and valuable contributions:

Irwin Stein: very experienced (40 years) corporate, securities and real estate attorney.

Steven Hunter: a FinTech pioneer with the most extensive Underwriting and Analytical acumen in the Merchant Cash Advance and daily-remittance Loan industry.

Justin Ellery: Startup Advisor & Growth Marketing Expert.

About your Business

For internal use only. This will not affect your credit. No fee or obligation.

Step 1 of 4

Online Presence

Step 2 of 4


Step 3 of 4


Step 4 of 4

Step 1 of 3

Are you incorporated in the US?

Step 2 of 3

Do you accept payments online?

Step 3 of 3

What are your average monthly sales?

Congrats! You qualify!

You are pre-qualified for funding in the amount of 80-120% of your current monthly revenues.

Ready to talk to a human? Let's have a quick get-to-know each-other call to go over the next steps.

Since we are dealing with time sensitive and financial information, please don't forget to check your SPAM and whitelist us or add us to your contact list. It's very important that all our correspondence is received in a timely manner.

Unfortunately, we can't fund you right now.

We're only funding online businesses in the US, with at least $10k per month in revenues.

Have questions? Talk to a human:

Metcalfe Network

Marketing Agencies, Consultants, and Tool Providers

Growth Marketing Agencies

Vetted marketers that are ready to grow your business with you

Bell Curve

Bell Curve is a renowned growth agency that now offers hands-on training.

We've grown dozens of companies from zero to millions in revenue. We've worked with Framer, Envoy, Streak, Clearbit, Service, Tovala, Perfect Keto, and many others.


We are masters of scalable performance on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and other major social channels.

It’s a mixture of our proprietary channel-specific media buying strategies and rapid creative experimentation: we test thousands of ad variations to constantly stay ahead of the curve.

Michael Wright

Private Facebook and Instagram marketing training for influencers, campaigns, and small businesses.

Michael was formerly the Global Program Manager, Sales & Marketing Enablement at Facebook, where he scaled Facebook and Instagram marketing best practices to the global client-facing teams

SaaS Growth Strategy

SaaS Growth Strategy is a small consultancy that helps start-up SaaS companies accelerate growth.

We help companies scale from $0 to $20mm in revenue, by finding cost effective acquisition strategies, doubling down on what's working, and always looking to find new channels and revenue streams.

20+ agencies and counting.

We'll pair you up with Marketers like these once you're pre-qualified

You'll know what funding you qualify for and we'll introduce you to marketers that fit your budget and marketing needs

Looking to join our network?


We are Kogneta, a team of people with decades of real life experience helping multi-location businesses and franchises grow. Since our founding, we focus on helping the companies that we work with break free of cookie cutter mentality by providing them with customized, ROI-centric, strategies that center around their marketing and revenue goals.


Demand Generation for Cloud-based & SaaS Startups

We grow your warm leads by 400% or more through proven inbound marketing methodology and tactics. We create brand awareness, generate leads, and increase customer acquisition.

Jackson Marketing Services

Our job is to make you the most productive, efficient, effective, and successful B2B marketing force your company has ever seen, get business results and professional recognition, too.

Be Curious

A full stack, infinitely curious, risk-taking, creative, fluid design studio.

This is not a graphic design service agency. This is a creative sandbox where ideas & businesses are born. This is where growth occurs. This is where ambitious & daring thoughts become successful products.

214 Co

We create and position brands people love—brands that move people to think, feel, and act differently.

We pride ourselves on doing truly remarkable work for brands. Whether digging deeper into insights or pushing our creative to new heights of expression, we are our own toughest critics.

Disrupt Digital

Disrupt Digital are a digital marketing consultancy that specialize in the latest marketing technologies. We believe in doing things a little differently.

Projects Wrapped
Videos Produced
Cups of Coffee

Running an online business?

We'll fund your digital marketing to help you grow.



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