About Us

The growth partner to rule them all

Among our core team at Metcalfe, we've either been founders or early stage employees at roughly 10 startups. We've experienced first-hand the challenges of raising capital to grow a business, whether its pitching to investors, securing loans from banks, or running a crowdfunding campaign.

After considering the traditional funding methods we've used in the past, we first asked ourselves who the players were: companies looking to raise capital and investors willing to spend money. Next, we attempted to identify the loopholes: a surplus of companies, a deficit of investors, and most importantly, a lack of dependable structure linking the two together to facilitate a mutually beneficial deal. Why the loopholes? VCs turn down deals because their business model demands high-risk/high-reward equity investments that are only found in Unicorns. Banks turn down loans because they require low-risk investments backed by sufficient collateral. With Crowdfunding, a pool of people pre-order your product or buy your shares and don't know what to expect! It was clear to us that there was a demand for a new structure, and this is why we created Metcalfe.


Mitch Kessler

Been involved in 4 start ups including Education, Entertainment, Pharmaceuticals.


Nik Jacob

MBA with over 12 years in corporate finance and venture capital. Managed venture portfolios >$50M as former PM at BCG and VP at an investment fund.


Anush Anilkumar

Former CTO of Mobio (acquired by Freshworks). Prior developer at Mozilla.